Data Science Director

Olivier Hays

Data is often presented as the new oil of the industry, and big data is indeed increasingly being used to enrich survey data, to inform audience planning and to feed into models. CESP has evolved in order to assist the industry in this new field.

A Data Science Department was created mid-2018 and the team, which was expanded in early 2019, is now four-strong. It makes use of languages and environments that enable it to address a very wide range of issues, from simulations of hybrid audience data management to the testing of algorithms to calculate incremental visits at a point of sale. Finally, CESP has acquired a powerful calculator with which the data scientists can replicate situations in which data is produced to test the algorithms available to the industry.

CESP is now in a position to audit and certify the data science solutions of its members and clients.
The research in progress and the requests for the coming months reflect a genuine interest on the part of the communications industry in a trusted third-party partner which is capable of evaluating innovation in a rigorous and transparent manner.


Ad hoc Audits

With the gradual disappearance of third-party cookies, CESP carried out the first audit of a contextual targeting solution with Qwarry.

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At the request of Vectaury, CESP conducted a full audit of its Drive-to-Store solution, in particular on the mesasurement of the impact of a mobile marketing campaign in store. 

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Retency commissioned an audit of its Drive-to-Store solution to CESP. Retency is a company specializing in data processing and the measurement of campaign effectiveness in store.  



Capital Data is a digital marketing company specializing in the personalized recommendation and the activation of digital marketing campaigns. In order to concretely evaluate the effectiveness of its marketing strategy, Capital Data has developped an innovative approach which giving more value the impact of investment in display advertising on Instore customer behaviour : puchase of items, number of shopping baskets…This provides customers Capital Data with synthetic ROI indicators. The audit conducted by CESP covers the CIER model, an incremental calculation with a reconstituted sample. 

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At the request of Médiamétrie, CESP has conducted a comprehensive audit of its Data-Checking solution. This product serves to evaluate the quality of the information contained in customer databases on gender and age so that these databases can be organised into a hierarchy based on their quality. This analysis was conducted by cross-referencing the information contained in the customer database with the data in Médiamétrie’s reference database, which contains some 300,000 email addresses that were qualified when recruiting panellists and during telephone interviews.

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To assist with the development of data management, CESP has defined a protocol for auditing data management platforms (DMP) used to target advertising, taking into account 4 dimensions: the source of the data, the way it is processed, how recent it is and lastly the quality indicators used in this approach. Alliance Gravity Data Media actively supported this undertaking, designed to afford transparency regarding the methods employed and to continuously optimise the processes. The audit was conducted from February to April 2018.



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Chair of the Data College

Laurence MILHAU

Managing Director de GroupM Digital



Next College

Thursday, October 12th / 10:00 a.m. - 12:30 a.m.

This college was dedicated to the following topics :

    • Presentation of the conclusions of the Seiki audit report (MOOH measurement) and their action plan.
    • Sharing of the schedule for the Mobimétrie measurement audit


Thursday, March 17th 2022

This college was dedicated to the following topic :

    • In the context of the programmed disappearance of third-party cookies, CESP will share the first audit of a contextual targeting solution with Qwarry


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