CESP international activity

CESP has worked with more than 20 media industries across the world through regular media measurement system audits and consulting missions. Our team, supported by CESP Scientific Committee experts, brings actionable recommendations to ensure the alignment of the media audience measurement with international standards. CESP supports media industries at each step of the media measurement system lifecycle : the tender phase to select the most appropriate measurement solution, the Go live audit to ensure the alignment of a new media measurement system with international guidelines, regular audit and consulting missions for the evaluation of innovations (multiscreen measurement, integration of return path data…).

CESP has been providing auditing and consultancy services internationally for 25 years. It has already been commissioned in more than 25 countries in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

CESP is often solicited abroad for its expertise in research into media audience measurements and in developing new techniques and new tools.

CESP began operating abroad in eastern European countries, including Poland, Ukraine and Russia.

Five years ago, CESP expanded its operations to Africa and the Middle East and has conducted missions in South Africa, Saudi Arabia and Morocco. It has also been active in Asia, having been involved in studies in India, Singapore and the Philippines.

International Contact

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comScore’s vCE and Nielsen’s DAR – Audit of audience measurement solutions for internet advertising campaigns

Media industry expectations:
Transparency of methodologies
Evaluation of solutions

Audit protocol:
Evaluation of the various methodological steps involved in the solutions
Testing of technologies

Benefits for the industry:
Transparent evaluation of the benefits and limitations of the 2 approaches
Roadmap for methodological improvements

Consultancy on the management of the panel

Media industry expectations:
Evaluation of the performance of panel management
Benchmarking with the audience measurement systems of other countries

Evaluation of each component of panel management
Comparison with how panel management is organised in other countries

Benefits for the industry:

Confirmation that panel management is performing well
Precise recommendations based on practices in other countries

Advice to assist with a call for tenders for an audience measurement system

Media industry expectations:
Assistance with selecting the next operator for measuring TV audiences

Assistance protocol:
Assistance with drafting the methodological and technical specifications
Evaluation of operator bids
Assistance with negotiating the contractual clauses relating to service quality

Multi-screen audience measurement – Launch audit

Media industry expectations:
Consultancy on multi-screen audience measurement
Guaranteeing the reliability of the results

Audit protocol:
Audit of the technical solution and the initial results
Testing of the new technology deployed

Benefits for the industry:
Confirmation of the overall reliability of the approach
Operational recommendations for forthcoming developments in smartphone audience measurements

Regular audit

Media industry expectations:
Annual evaluation of the system for measuring the audiences of TV schedules and videos that are accessible via several screens

Audit protocol:
3-year auditing programme focusing on the various components of the system for measuring multi-screen audiences

Benefits for the industry:

Acceptance of the new system by the media industry
Process of ongoing innovation

Comprehensive audit

Media industry expectations:
Evaluation of the TV audience measurement system midway through the contract with the operator
Transparent reporting on the methodology in place

Audit protocol:
Evaluation of the methodology and rolling out of the establishment survey
Evaluation of the panel characteristics and visits to 50 households

Benefits for the industry:

Description and comprehensive evaluation of the TV audience measurement system
Avenues for operational improvements

Ksenia Achkasova
At the end of December, we conducted the presentation of the audit results to our clients jointly with CESP auditors, and it was important part of our work with the industry on agreeing next steps and project development in 2018.
Ksenia Achkasova
TV Mediascope (Russia)
Igor Koval
Outstanding expertise of CESP representatives involved in the mission as well as Scientific Committee of CESP was of a great benefit for us in order to evaluate the performance of the TAM panel and identify the next steps to further develop the service.
Igor Koval
Chair of the Television Industry Committee (Ukraine)
Lee risk
An independent audit of any service is important but I think it is particularly crucial where new multi-screen measurements are being launched as in Singapore. This helps to improve the measurement and also offers a level of transparency that can assure the industry that proper processes are in place.
Lee Risk
GfK APAC (Singapour)


CESP currently assists industry partners in more than 20 countries on a regular basis.
In addition to its international activities, CESP is very active in the advertising and communications domains and has numerous initiatives on the go around the world.