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CESP has joined forces with Alliance Digitale, with the Mobile Marketing Association France, to create a market certification, called Drive-to-Trust, and so to certify the technology players who sell geolocated segments mobile-to-store activations. This approach guarantees the relevance of the controlled criteria and the rigour of a neutral and impartial certification process. 

After launching the Right People and Right Place certificates in July 2020, the two organizations completed the scheme by launching the Right Performance certification. The Drive-to-Trust certification now has three certificates : Right People, Right Place and Right Performance

The “Right Performance” certificate testifies solutions that offer in-store mobile advertising impact measurement. Like the first two certificates launched, Right Performance was the subject of a co-construction between four major media agencies, members of Alliance Digitale and CESP, allowing for a comparison of market expectations and the certification process for solutions based on the principle of A/B testing. Through several iterations, the solutions themselves were fully involved in this qualitative process.

The certification process evaluates the reliability of the medothology and the respect of conventions as well as the transparency of the results delivered to users. 

«The certification, through the Right Performance certificate, was created to define the measurement and explain the way in which the subject of measurement is approached, whether it be on the look alike, the duration of the visit, the various exclusions in relation to employees present in the buildings or the precision in terms of measurement. In the interest of transparency, this Right Performance certificate will ultimately enable a relationship of trust between the advertiser, the agency and the drive-to-store partner,” says Jérôme Jean, Associate Director at Dentsu.  

Leading solutions have signed on to this certification process and agencies are embracing this action for transparency and quality. This demonstrates the usefulness of this certification for the entire industry. I hope that Right Performance will be able to guarantee the quality of the tools used to measure the impact of Drive-to-Store campaigns in the same way”, says Valérie Morrisson, Managing Director of the CESP.  

First certifications

On July 4th, 2024, 7 solutions of Alliance Digitale are Drive-to-Trust certified : 

3 certificates Drive-to-Trust

Drive-to-Store mobile solutions can now apply for one or both of the available certificates : Right People and Right Place. Soon, they will also be able to apply for the Right Performance certificates. 

This certification is awarded by CESP for a period of 12 months from the date of its obtaining and is subject to continuous controls. The criteria monitored and the method for awarding the certificates are detailed in the reference document for each certificate. 

Right People

The « Right People » certificate validates the quality of the data and inventories of solutions that offer and quality audience segments based on geolocation data. 

Right Place

The « Right Place » certificate concerns solutions that serve local and geolocated advertising campaigns and certifies that the geographic location targeting has been correctly carried out during the advertising campaign. 

These two certifications are controlled for a period of 12 months and are subject to 4 waves of control during the year. The criteria controlled and the method of awarding the certificate are detailed in the reference framework of each certificate.

Right Performance

The « Right Performance » certificate will certify solutions that offer physical traffic measurement at the point of sale and will identify solutions based on a transparent methodology and aligned with the quality standards defined by CESP Scientific Committee. 

After the certification phase, this evaluation is conducted every 6 months, according to these criteria, using the studies conducted by the solutions.

A new wave of certification is underway

Application deadline for wave 17
July 15th, 2024

Publication of certified solutions
Right People & Right Place  
October 3rd, 2024

4 major media agencies testify

4 major media agencies, members of the Mobile Marketing Association France and CESP, have co-constructed the certification framework, with the ambition of bringing clarity, transparency and consequently confidence to these solutions. Publicis, GroupM, UM of IPG Mediabrands and Dentsu testify :