The CESP's consultancy missions are in line with its expertise in auditing audience research. The given advice aims to provide the CESP's experience and know-how to contribute to design the research, promote the respect of best practices and to identify any weaknesses.

CESP's advice offering is available to all its members and more generally to any entity that requests it. It depends on the specific needs of the research and covers the various stages needed to carry it out:

  • Upstream the research : specifications of needs and objectives, documentation related to the study, feasibility tests, writing the survey brief, participation to tenders, etc.
  • Research Methodology : definition of the sampling plan, data collection method, processing of data, sampling and weighting method, data analysis and modelling, etc.
  • During the research : support in training the interviewers, monitoring the fieldwork quality, control and data processing methodology, etc.
  • Research conclusions : preparation and presentation of the results, assessment of results, etc.

As each audience research study is different, the CESP adjusts its services and its advice approach appropriately.


To find out more, contact us on or +33 1 40 89 63 60.