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Offres d'emploi

Passionné(e) par l’univers des médias, vous vous intéressez à la mutation de ce secteur d’activité et souhaitez participer à son évolution en intégrant une équipe au service de l’ensemble ... Read more →


The Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee is the pledge of the quality of the CESP's audits and publications. Composed equally of outside persons and representatives of the profession, the Scientific Committee relies on ... Read more →


Allemagne, Belgique, Émirats, Espagne, Italie, Pologne, Russie, Suisse... Le savoir-faire du CESP s'exporte à l'international. Read more →

The Executive Committee

The CESP's Board of Directors appoints from among its members an Executive Committee, elected for one year, renewable, and responsible for preparing the decisions of the Board of Directors. ... Read more →

The General Meeting

The General Meeting is the gathering of the members of the CESP. They meet the directors and members of the Board of Directors there and can participate in the decision-making. Usually annual, the CESP's ... Read more →

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the CESP is composed of members, representing equally the media and users (advertisers, agencies, advertising space agencies). Its composition is determined by the General ... Read more →

Our Partners

The CESP's mission encompasses several business lines, upstream and downstream of audience audits. The CESP is thus a crossroads of exchanges towards which various players and representative bodies of the ... Read more →

The Colleges

Each media participates, within the colleges of the CESP, to permanent exchanges (research, studies, updating, foreign experience, etc.). Read more →

The CESP Team

The CESP team is made up of full-time staff who provide the day-to-day management of the CESP and organise all of the organisation's audit and advice missions. There follows a presentation of those who ... Read more →

Key Dates

  A look back on a few key dates in the history of the CESP. Read more →