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CESP audits cover the whole system implemented by the research operator, from its design to the publication of the results.

The different stages of the audit are as follows:


  • A review of the methodology : survey universe, sampling plan, sampling method, questionnaire, interview methodology, weighting procedure. The goal of this initial stage is to verify the appropriateness of the methodology with the objectives of the research as well as of the results produced.


  • Monitoring of the conduct of the survey : review of the methodological guidelines used for the research, contribution to the interviewers' training sessions, accompaniment in the fieldwork, a posteriori controls, listening in on telephone calls, proof-reading of questionnaires. This stage of the audit has a twofold objectives:

1. Control the correct application of the methodology in the fieldwork

2. Assess the quality of the collection of the information (observance of guidelines by the interviewers, respect of the sampling plan, administering of the questionnaire, response rates, etc.). Read about the CESP's fieldwork expertise.


  • Processing and analysis of the results: for this third stage of the audit , the CESP drafts a request for methodological sorting of data which will enable to prepare the audit's technical report for the Scientific Committee. The control carried out by the CESP covers the following points:

1. The analysis of the sample: geographical distribution, distribution of interviews over time, demographic structure, comparison with external sources, distribution of adjustment weights, impact of the weighting etc.

2. The analysis of the results: audience concepts, choice of indicators and compliance with the profession's standards, longitudinal analysis of the results, statistical tests, etc.

  • Findings and recommendations: it is at this stage that the CESP's Scientific Committee, intervenes, by the monitoring of work prepared by the CESP's audit team, collaborating in drafting the final audit and issuing its findings and recommendations that are specific to the audited research study.

The final audit is composed of three elements:

  •  the technical report presenting all the analyses made by the CESP,


  • the audit report itself presenting the methodology, the result of the controls of the fieldwork and the comments and findings of the Scientific Committee,


  • the audit summary restating the main points of the audit and the main recommendations of the Scientific Committee for the operator on the one hand and the users on the other hand.


For any information about the CESP's audits, please contact us by email or on +33 1 40 89 63 60.