Our Partners

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The CESP's mission encompasses several business lines, upstream and downstream of audience audits. The CESP is thus a crossroads of exchanges towards which various players and representative bodies of the profession converge.

The CESP has forged close partnerships with a large number of players, for example:


The UDA is the representative organisation of advertisers, namely businesses, local authorities and organisations who use different communication techniques to promote their recognition, their image, their products or their services. The advertisers are the users of audience research accredited by the CESP.




L'Union des Entreprises de Conseil et Achat Media defends and promotes the media agencies in their dealings with all the market players. These players require reliable audience research, on which the advice and recommendations they give to their client advertisers depend.




L'Association des Agences Conseil en Communication is the spokesperson for communications agencies in France. The AACC is present in all of the CESP's bodies and takes an active part in the work of the various colleges.


  SRI- Syndicat des Régies Internet



The IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) is an association created in 1998 whose mission is threefold: structuring the communication market on the Internet, promoting its use and maximising its effectiveness.