Key Dates

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A look back on a few key dates in the history of the CESP.

1957 : Creation of the Centre d’Étude des Supports de Publicité - CESP (Centre for the Study of Advertising Media), to create a mechanism for measuring the readership of the Written Press, at the demand of the professionals concerned.
The CESP carries out its first research, in collaboration with the INSEE, research which, from 1964 onwards, becomes annual and managed by the CESP only.


1961 : The CESP initiates the first study which establishes a reliable measurement of the performance of outdoor campaigns in conurbations of over 20,000 inhabitants.


1964 : The CESP brings together the Press various categories (magazines and daily press) within a single audience survey. The CESP conducts its first Radio survey.


1968 : The CESP takes over Television audience surveys.


1988 : Start of audits of the Radio audience. The CESP capitalises on its know-how regarding the written media to also become the inter-professional organisation for auditing and controlling radio audience research.


1990 : The CESP positions itself onto auditing Médiamat, the Television audience panel of Médiamétrie.


1991-92 : The CESP carries out the "Budget Time Multi-Media" , the first cross-cutting study of the media in France which studies the use of all media by the same individuals. 


1992 : A turning point in the life of the CESP which changes status: it no longer undertakes direct research. Its mission and role are mainly directed towards auditing media audience measurements.


1993 : Research on Press Magazines is placed under the responsibility of the AEPM (Audience Studies on Press Magazine), an economic interest grouping, made up of the main publishers. The CESP, discharged from organising research, now audits various audience research in France (AEPM, PQRN, La France des Cadres Actifs, etc).


1995-96 : First audit of a pan-European survey (EMS).


1996 : Constitution of an Internet working group to look into audience measurement of the Internet, with publication in 1997 of a first standardised terminology for this media's audience.

1999 : First audit of a media-market study (SIMM). First audit of audience measurement among internet users.

2001 : Audits of three competing panels of internet users.
First consultancy missions abroad (Lebanon, Morocco, Poland, Switzerland)
CESP audits the new TAM system for thematic channels (CanalSatellite & TPS)
2002 : Affimétrie launches a new research programme to update data on travel and provide audience estimates for the whole of France for Outdoor Advertising media. The CESP is tasked with auditing the various stages.


2003 : First audit of audience research of the Free Urban Daily Press. 

2005 : First audits of classified ads press.


2008 : The CESP broadens its scope of action beyond audits, according to three strategic focuses: 

  • consultancy, which by identifying beforehand problems, issues and potential weaknesses, enables the media players to obtain a real gain in productivity and reliability,
  • better understanding of new technologies, illustrated by the example of the consensus for a Mobile Internet Terminology (TIM), which anticipates new uses, and fosters the emergence and the standardisation of data and their measurement,
  • development of its international expertise.


2009 - 2011 :  New research, new audits :

  •  First audit REM by the CESP
  • Consolidated audit of the AEPM and EPIQ research into a single ONE survey by Audipresse