The Colleges

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Each media participates, within the colleges of the CESP, to permanent exchanges (research, studies, updating, foreign experience, etc.).

Each of the media represented in the CESP constitutes a College, within which are representatives of the media and its users (advertisers and agencies).
There is, moreover, a "Prospects and Cross-media" College, formerly "Users College", (in which, representatives of the various media take part in equal numbers).


At these meetings, the CESP presents the results of its work (audit and advice reports) and reviews the CESP's activities in France and abroad.


Each College appoints its own chairperson from among its members.


Several media, several colleges:

Internet College

Press College

Outdoor Advertising / Display College

Radio / Cinema College

Television College

Prospect and Cross-media


Consultez notre agenda pour connaître toutes les dates des collèges.